Pu Erh Tea Benefits – Diabetes Prevention and Blood Sugar Reduction

Recent press briefing by the Pu’er city government, has confirmed that the ancient Pu Erh Tea does indeed, lower blood sugar levels, preventing people from getting Diabetes.

The discovery was made by scientists working at the Jilin University, Changchun Science and Technology University in the Yunnan provice of China. The study lasted for two years, it started with 20 genetically made obese rats, and the researches fed 10 of the rats with pu erh tea while the other 10 rats were not given any.

The results were astounding, 11 months after the 10 rats that were fed with the tea survived while the other 10 got infections, and sores before dying. The healthy rats had no traces of any illnesses, which concluded that the tea was effective.

However, they had one more test. They wanted to compare Rosiglitazone, a widely used medicine to reduce blood sugar levels, with Pu’er tea. The scinetists then split the rets in two groups, one was fed with Rosiglitazone and the other with Pu’er tea.

What they discovered was that the tea was allot more effective. Blood sugar levels had dropped down by 42%, and 36.5% with the other group of rats that was fed with Rosiglitazone. Amazingly enough, the rats that was fed with Pu’er tea lost weight while the other group had absolutley no evidence of any weight loss.

This is what I’ve been saying for a long time. The nature provides what we, or animals needs heal. After this research was concluded, the scientists sought out diabetics to aid them. They got 120 volunteers, and were asked to drink Pu’er on a regular basis, and completely stop taking their medications, while doing no chances to their diet.

When the reports came in, an whopping 70% of the participants said that their blood sugar levels were lowered to below 7 mmol/L, and about an average decrease of 35%.

Sheng Jun, the deputy mayor of Pu’er city says that Yunnan has one of China’s best longevity rates. He also states: “Yunnan has the lowest incidence of cancer, Pu’er city has the lowest number of cancer patients.”